Welcome to The Great Pyrenees Club of Western Pennsylvania


 The Great Pyrenees Club of Western Pennsylvania is a non-profit organization and offers the opportunity to share our knowledge about Great Pyrenees.

Aims and Purposes:


•The encouragement of sportsmanlike competition at dog shows and obedience trials.


•To protect and promote the advancement and proper breeding of Great Pyrenees.


•The dissemination of knowledge to the public in general concerning our truly beautiful and lovable breed.


•The giving of advice to legislative bodies on legislation relative to dogs, their treatment and their control.


History of The Great Pyrenees Club of Western Pennsylvania:


Our club was initiated mainly through the efforts of persons interested in the breed. Our first meeting was in February, 1971, with twelve people in attendance. We presently have a membership of about twenty five, a working constitution and a code of ethics.


Members and Meetings:


The membership of The Great Pyrenees Club of Western Pennsylvania reflects a variety of Pyrenees owners. Many members are owners of a Pyrenees for pet and pleasure only and enjoy the company and programs available through the club. Other members are actively participating in obedience and conformation competition.


The bi-monthly meetings are held in members’ homes on a volunteer basis. These are usually followed by an interesting and informative program. Following the formal meeting, there is usually a discussion of any problems or accomplishments of our dogs and an exchange of Pyr stories.




At least four times throughout the year The Great Pyrenees Club of Western Pennsylvania  meets for an activity with our dogs. Some of these have included walks in parks and on trails, participation in fund-raising for a local shelter, traditional fun matches, “parts” matches, and of course, our annual Picnic.


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