Rescue Information


What is Rescue?


Every Pyr should be a wanted Pyr, but in the rare event when this is not true, we offer a rescue service. Dogs are accepted from local shelters or given directly to Pyr rescue by people who can no longer keep the dog. Rescued Pyrs are given veterinary care, spayed or neutered and boarded through donations. Suitable homes are located and the dogs are placed.


Why Do Pyrs End Up in Rescue?


All Pyrs start out being adorable white balls of fluff, the reason they end up in rescue is because people do not put enough thought into what they’re doing. Getting a dog is not like buying a new DVD player. It’s adding a new member to your family.


Yes, they’re calm, beautiful, loving, devoted companions that will defend you with their lives; but they also are too big, shed too much, drool too much, eat too much and bark too much. They are also a very independent breed, and if you’re not willing to put the time in with them, they most likely will not listen to you.


So, if you feel that you would like to share your life with a rescued Pyr, devoted and loyal to you and grateful for a loving home, please contact Kathy Stauble at There are many Pyrs waiting for adoption...make one of them your next life long companion!


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